Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thank YOU, Professor - A Wise Owl

Each of us have people that come into our lives that make a difference.  Individuals that inspire you to work harder, learn more and be better.  Just like the wise owl in The Sword in the Stone.   This past spring, I had a professor that did just that.  He challenged me to grow as a person.  So, when the end of the semester came, I wanted to show him just how much his tutelage meant to me. What better than a card?

This professor always dressed the part.  Every day coming to class in shined shoes and a tie.  In honor of his impressive style choices, I made a dress shirt and tie card.  I wanted to reflect his personality and preferences.  I must admit that I tied a fair number of paper ties before I finally landed on the following.  Either way, it is now out of my hands and in his.  A BIG thank you again, Professor!

  • Paper: Kraft, DCWV Cardstock
  • Accessories: Brads, Tim Holtz Paper Clips
  • Fiskars: Paper Trimmer
  • Adhesive: Fabritac and a Glue Stick

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