Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Sew Table Runner - Tutorial

I decided that today should be celebrated by sharing a tutorial. This is a super easy table runner and it looks great when completed.

First, check out the completed project:

Interested?! Perfect, let's begin!

Materials You'll Need:
  • Fiskars Scissors
  • One Yard of Burlap Fabric
  • Lace of your Choice
  • ModPodge
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Towels

Have everything? Fabulous!

Step One:
Lay out your fabric. Then make a small cut in the burlap at your desired width. This will depend on the size of your table. I made mine 11 inches.

Step Two:
Begin to take one strand and slowly unravel it from the main piece of burlap. This will give you a good rule while cutting your table runner. Once you reach the other end. Cut your piece. (Typically it is best to start on a corner of the fabric but if preferred just repeat this step twice at your desired widths)

Step Three:
After cutting the burlap you will notice it wants to unravel. An easy way to avoid this is to go around the runner (all sides) using ModPodge. If you own a serger, you can sew the edges but for a more natural look, ModPodge is the way to go. ModPadge is so versatile, I use it in just about everything I make. Now, it won't dry immediately but once it dries, you will no longer have any unraveling. It is best to have a paper towel under your project during this step. But, be sure to lift the runner so it doesn't glue itself to the paper towel.

Step Four:
After the ModPodge dries, cut your lace to size and again use the ModPodge to glue on the lace. Repeat with the other side of your runner. Let sit until dry.

Step Five:
Admire your work.. You're done!

It's amazing what a little bit of lace, burlap, and ModPodge can accomplish.

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